2019-2020 Lake Okeechobee Crappie Series


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2019-2020 Lake Okeechobee Crappie Tournament Series

January 4th 2020- First Qualifier

February 1st 2020- Second Qualifier

March 7th 2020- Third Qualifier

April 4th 2020- Championship

Entry Fee Is $100 Per Team- Optional $20 Big Fish Pot Safe Light To 2pm 7 Fish Weigh In-Fish To Be Released- Can Keep Your Limit Of Other Crappie 8 Pole Max Must Fish 2 Qualifiers To Fish Championship

Payments For Tournaments Will Begin In December


Team Of The Year Will Be Determined In A Point System Per Tournament

1st- 200 2nd-199 3rd-198 4th- 197 Etc

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